Build Your Brand, Not Just Your Sales
Protecting and promoting the image of your business is paramount to our mutual success. We will work closely with you to develop the artwork, message and tone of your WTC campaign to ensure our representatives make the desired impression. Close partnerships during program design and implementation insurers harmony with your current promotional strategies and long-term branding goals.

Brand & Identity
The key in creating a successful Brand & Identity is in the personality of both. WTC understands that the personality is what gives life to a Brand & Identity.

To understand this, let’s first take a quite look at what a Brand & Identity is. Simply put, the brand evokes an emotion of trust and reliability, whereas the identity speaks of the business’s individual quality, its ethics and its focus. Two concepts are however interrelated; when the business is able to establish its unique identity, it is recognized as a brand.

It may seem like a far-fetched concept to think of a brand having a brand-img1personality but when you consider the fact that a business is really an entity unto itself, it makes the concept much easier to process. Successful businesses take on a life of their own, and just like people; each one has its own unique personality. It can be vague, shallow, aggressive, endearing, funny, instrumental, emotionaly deep or any number of other things. To create a successful brand & identity, developing the personality is critical. Personality is what our society basis the majority of its most important decisions on. You only have to look at a political campaign to see evidence of this.

A business is no different. Personality is the essence that gives life to the brand, the identity which creates the image and the likeability.

WTC works to understand the complexities and subtleties of your business before we begin to create your visual Brand and Identity. Once we understand this crucial piece of who you are as a company, we then apply our creative design strategies to capture that personality visually. The result is a powerful, captivation and easy to connect with Brand & Identity.

Corporate Identity
corporateWTC pushes the boundaries of design refusing to settle for the ordinary. We look for the emotion behind everything we design. Emotion or “energy in motion” is key to a successful identity and brand.

Your identity should both represent your company and inspire an emotional reaction in the consumers you hope to engage. Everything we do is driven by an emotional reaction so SCG Global Media approaches the creation of your identity with that in mind.
Once your Identity and brand are defined, we create all the collateral pieces you need including:

Business cards
Post Cards
Presentation Folders
Sales/Media Kits
Need printing services? Learn about WTC’s fast turnaround, high quality and extremely affordable printing services, contact us for pricing at

Graphic Design
WTC has led our industry in innovative, thoughtful design. We believe in pushing the boundaries of design and continually strive to bring forth new ideas and perspectives in graphic design.

Our talented team of designers is able to bring to life anything you could possibly imagine from the simplest business card to the most complex catalog.

WTC can assist you with all your printing needs whether you need to simply print business cards or require more hands on assistance with paper selections, etc.

With over 10 years of print experience, we have done it all and best of all, we offer amazing quality and some of the best print prices anywhere. For simple printing needs like business cards, we provide fast turnaround and drop shipping to your location.

For more complex printing jobs, we’ll work closely with you to determine your requirements such as papers, formats, file specs, etc. and still provide you with outstanding pricing even on the most custom jobs.

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