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Congratulations for considering a great choice for your advertising and publicity campaign.

We developed this program simply because conventional media advertising methods i.e newspapers, television, radio, and direct mail have failed to deliver enough clients to your front door. We refer to these methods as pay and pray advertising; you pay large upfront and pray for your returns.

WTC is more result oriented. We target selected sectors in your area and talk with approximately 10,000 people on your behalf. This includes corporate, commercial, retail, government and educational institutions. The word of mouth advertising exposure is phenomenal.

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How This Promotion Works?

Free Advertising. No upfront cost. How you pay for this concept is through your time on “Sample Services”.

I’m your “Walking Talking Commercial”. On your behalf I talk to an average of 100 people a day, until we get thew results you are looking for. I leave business cards & a menu of services of your Spa & Salon, with people whether they buy the V.I.P package or not. I target ONLY potential clients from business to business. (Dentist, Attorney, Medical, Retail Offices, etc.) NO PARKING LOTS! This is done very professionally!

Word of mouth advertising, as you very well know, is the best way to increase revenue in any business. I’ve been teaching, training, and servicing clients such as yours for over 17 years in direct sales. I will also assist your staff in teaching & training on how to improve clientele and **Up-Sell** on products & client retention, to maximize the full potential of the promotion. (Especially for “New” employees, commissioned staff, and rentals, etc.)

5 Ways “You” the client makes $$$$$

  1. Client Retention
  2. Referrals
  3. Gratuities
  4. Product Sales
  5. Upgrades

Reaching Customers Face -To -Face

For over 25 years Steve Bhatia The Walking Talking Commercial has been reaching customers Face-to-Face in over 20 states and still growing The Walking Talking Commercial or WTC for short gives you the unparalleled ability to deliver your message to prospective consumers in a 3 to 10 mile radius of your business.

Customer Up-Sell

Our Face-to-Face presentations motivate customers to purchase amenities and additional high-margin products or services that they may not otherwise consider.

Know Your Customers By Name

Face-to-Face advertising works both ways. Not only does WTC deliver your message personally, but we also collect information from every new customer we generate. We will collect their name, address, phone number, email and other contact information and it will be delivered personally to you at the end of the campaign by Mr. WTC himself.

Client Exclusivity

Face-to-Face advertising means focus. WTC takes one campaign into the field at one time. We will present your message to each prospective customer without the clutter and noise of competing messages prevalent in traditional media.

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