I want to give a shout out to Steve Bhatia at Walking Talking Commercial Inc.  Steve and his company have been exceptional to work with. He created a beautiful VIP Card that had five service options with bonuses for Luxxi Salon. The VIP card has truly given Luxxi Salon a way of bringing in quality clients and he has exceeded our goals. He has promised our company an increase in our customer base which he delivered.  I’ve been extremely happy with Walking Talking Commercial Inc. and find it is the most efficient form of marketing I’ve come across. He targeted my specific demographic. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to increase their customer-base and revenue.
Thanks Steve Bhatia for all your hard work!
Jill B & Luxxi Team
Luxxi Salon & Boutique

Jill B.

If you have a brick and mortar small business (or large) and would love to drive more traffic through your doors then you need to meet Steve. I know him personally and he is truly the best advertisement any business could ask for. He does it well, he does it happy and he does it to help your business grow and succeed! He is just what he says he is…A Walking Talking Commercial!

Alicia L

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Wow, I cant say enough about how great your company is. You have done an amazing job promoting my business. My phone has not stopped ringing!! It has been an honor & blessing to be on this program. Our salons have expanded into Peoria and Tempe, AZ

Thanks Again!! –

I would like to thank you for letting my salon become part of your “Walking Talking Commercial” program. The last three months since I’ve joined the program, my client base has doubled!! The clients your company has brought me greatly enjoy the benefits, savings and pampering I gave them. They have all become my repeated clients!! I am very content with the results and look forward to making more men and women look great after they learn about my salon. Thank You SOOO much again for your support and wonderful job at making those packages work great for my new clients. Looking forward to more makeovers:)

Mida’s Touch Salon Glendale, AZ Mida Bui

Dear Sir or Madam:

Steve Bhatia, “Walking Talking Commercial” owner and sole operator and creator of the following program should be commended on the service that he brought to MaxiMillion Salon & Spa. His program is far superior then the average advertising avenues (i.e. newspaper, door hangers) that are available out in the advertising market. Everyone is aware that word of mouth advertising is the most important source of recognition when in business, however WTC offers that same concept but with the most important aspect that one may not believe – NO Money out of pocket… Sounds a bit risky, however we at MaxiMillion believe in the concept that Mr. Bhatia, brought forward into our organization. The entire process from beginning to the end was very much conducted in the outmost professional manner. Our business did grow as a result of this new concept of advertising and we had a much better success rate on our return for utilizing WTC to spread the word to a greater audience about MaxiMillion. Steve Bhatia did an incredible job campaigning on behalf of MaxiMillion and we will use his service in the future again.

Rabeak Shahnazarian, Owner & Operator

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